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We want to wish a special thank you to some of our recent customers!

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Jessica from Castro Valley, CA Used 2013 Ford Explorer Used Dealer serving Castro Valley, CA
Sarah from Gilroy, CA Used 2015 Kia Sedona Used Dealer serving Gilroy, CA
Andrew from Morgan Hill, CA Used 2015 Ford Edge Used Dealer serving Morgan Hill, CA
Matthew from Danville, CA Used 2015 Ford Explorer Used Dealer serving Danville, CA
David from Vacaville, CA Used 2017 Ford Mustang Used Dealer serving Vacaville, CA
Robert from Concord, CA Used 2016 Jeep Patriot Used Dealer serving Concord, CA
George from Carmel Valley, CA Used 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Used Dealer serving Carmel Valley, CA
Jaime from Newark, CA Used 2015 Honda Civic Used Dealer serving Newark, CA
Katkuri from Fremont, CA Used 2014 Honda CR-V Used Dealer serving Fremont, CA
Daysi from Newark, CA Used 2016 RAM 1500 Used Dealer serving Newark, CA
Nan Noe from San Jose, CA Used 2009 Toyota Corolla Used Dealer serving San Jose, CA
Artemis from San Jose, CA Used 2014 Chevrolet Volt Used Dealer serving San Jose, CA
Joseph from Rancho Cordova, CA Used 2016 Ford Explorer Used Dealer serving Rancho Cordova, CA
Susan from Belmont, CA Used 2016 Ford Explorer Used Dealer serving Belmont, CA
Guadalupe from San Jose, CA Used 2007 BMW 530i Used Dealer serving San Jose, CA
Henry from Los Gatos, CA Used 2013 Ford Focus Used Dealer serving Los Gatos, CA
Scott from Redwood City, CA Used 2013 BMW 328i Used Dealer serving Redwood City, CA
Derek from Danville, CA Used 2014 Ford C-Max Energi Used Dealer serving Danville, CA
Alfredo from Fremont, CA Used 2016 Ford Edge Used Dealer serving Fremont, CA
Theresa from San Jose, CA Used 2014 Ford Fusion Used Dealer serving San Jose, CA

Fremont Ford Recent Customers

We want to wish a special thank you to some of our recent customers!

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Customer Testimonials

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Newark CA 2008 GT Mustang
Javier Haro    

Las Vegas, NV | Vehicle: 2015 Ford Escape | Sales: Wahid Hazeen
Carl Gellor    

Customer: Robert Trutner of Hayward, CA | Vehicle: Certified Preowned 2013 Ford Fusion 2.0 Ecoboost | Sales: Michael Montuy
Robert Trutner    

Fremont, CA | Vehicle: 2014 Ford Mustang | Sales: Omar
Xio Hao    

Redwood City, CA | Vehicle: 2011 Certified PreOwned Ford Flex | Sales: Enayat Katawasi
Kevin Hamilton and the Hamilton Family    

Fremont, CA | Vehicle: 2014 Ford Fusion | Salesperson: Omar Omari
Gopinath Sundharam    

San Mateo, CA | Vehicle: 2012 Ford Edge | Salesperson: Ian
Patricia Barron    

Union City | Vehicle: 2011 Ford Fusion | Salesperson: Wahid Hazeen
Rebekah Garcia    

San Jose, CA | Vehicle: 2013 Ford Edge | Sales: Ian Katawazi
Audrey Machado    

2014 Ford Fiesta From: Union City, CA
Dennis Tabar    

Hayward, CA | Vehicle: 2014 Ford Mustang | Sales: Wahid Hazeen
Glenda Jackson    

Milpitas, CA | Vehicle: 2014 Ford Fusion | Sales: Abdullah
da Gradenstein    

San Jose, CA | Vehicle: 2014 Ford Mustang GT | Sales: Mark Stefanik
Nick Wilson    

Fremont, CA | Vehicle: 2014 Ford Fusion | Sales: Zia
Lisa and Bruce Gates    

Fremont, CA | Vehicle: 2014 Ford Fusion | Sales: Nick Wilson
Jeff Stewart    

Vehicle: 2012 Ford Focus Titanium | Sales: Nick
Brett Vasconcellos    

Chino Hills, CA | Vehicle: 2014 Ford Fusion | Sales: Matt Meyer
Allen Ball    

Union City, CA | Vehicle: 2014 Ford Mustang | Sales: Abdullah
Eric Bustamante    

Fremont, CA | Vehicle: 2014 Ford Fusion | Sales: Jim Nguyen
Yunan Zheng    

Fremont, CA | Vehicle: 2014 Ford Focus | Sales: Jim Nguyen
Raj Boat    

Sunnyvale, CA | Vehicle: 2014 Ford C-Maz Energi | Sales: David Valencia
Larry Mendoza    

San Jose, CA | Vehicle: 2014 Ford Escape | Sales: Nick Wilson

Milpitas, CA | Vehicle: 2013 Ford Fiesta | Sales: Nick Wilson
Mary Tiffany Jones    

San Jose, CA | Vehicle 2014 Ford C Max | Sales: Nick Wilson
Peter Brune    

Hollister, CA | Vehicle: 2014 Ford F150 Pickup Truck | Sales: Shaun P
David Baldovinos    

San Jose, CA | Vehicle: 2014 Mustang V6 Convertible | Sales: Nick Wilson
Kim Atkinson    

Walnut Creek, CA | Vehicle: 2012 Ford F150 Pickup Truck | Sales: Nick Wilson
Rick Wilson    

Fremont, CA | Vehicle: 2012 Ford Focus | Sales: Nick Wilson
Meldan Medina    

Fremont | Vehicle: 2014 Ford Fusion SE | Sales: Michael Montuy
Jeanne Moore    

Vehicle: 2014 Ford Fiesta | Sales: Wahid
Harold Mejia    

Redwood City, CA | Vehicle: 2014 Ford E250 Pickup Truck | Sales: Ian
Angelo and Felix Faraci    

Mr. McDonald was very professional, courteous, polite and patient. We test drove several vehicles - there was no pressure. We really enjoyed working with him. We felt he was forthright and honest. Although the purchase was more an originally anticipated, we are very happy with our purchase, a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer. At every chance, we will recommend him and Fremont Ford to our friends and family. I wish you continued success. Thank you.
Jo Ann Somerville and Russell Taylor    

On Saturday morning we began our search for a car and started with Fremont Ford/Mazda. After that we visited other dealerships in Fremont, Dublin, Livermore, and Tracy looking at Ford's, Chevy's, Honda's, Hyundai's, Kia's, and Mazda's. Our experiences at these other dealerships with the sales personnel was mostly negative and unpleasant. The high pressure tactics and know it all attitudes some of the sales people used on us was unbelievable. At the end of the day we were beat and worn out (shopping for a car is very trying). Sunhee and I reflected back on our experience and we both agreed that if we were going to buy a car it would be from Fremont Ford because of the way we were treated on our initial visit.

Your support and no pressure negotiation process was fantastic! Corban was a real pleasure to work with. We are going to let all our friends and co-workers who are in the market for a car know about Fremont Ford.
Chris and Sunhee    

Dear Mr. Hallock: I want to commend your employees and share with you a positive experience we had with Fremont Ford. My husband was checking the internet for information on car loans. Apparently, your organization as a dealer is connected to We received a phone call from Jessica who suggested we come in and take a look at your inventory. WE came in to check your inventory - when we arrived she referred us to Harold McDonald.

AJ was very helpful. He made everything very easy for us. when we buy another Ford car we would definitely get it from him. Thanks AJ! Ur Awesome!
Jaideep Pada    

Salesperson Reza was outstanding. On a scale of 1-10 I will give him 10.
Birinder Grewal    

Sunhee and I had sent out numerous Internet pricing requests to multiple dealer ships throughout the Bay Area in our search for a car. You were the first to respond (I am still waiting on some dealer ships to respond). Also, you were the only one to reply promptly to my multiple email inquiries.

Thank you - we're very happy with the service!
P Lukan    

Rob is the best, he has sold my sister a car and now he has sold my mom a car. Each experience was perfect and I could not have asked for anything more. I will definitely refer all of my friends and family to purchase their next vehicle here. Once again, thank you for the pleasant experience and thank you Troy for making the finance experience easy :-)
G. Whitesite    

Arleen and Tomas were very easy to work with. They made the negotiation completely painless.
P Mitchell    

AJ was great very helpful and knowledgable about the MKX. I would recommend him to friends and family for their car needs.
Fredrick Kroh    

The salesmen and other persons were professional, courteous, and a pleasure to work with. Our overall experience was excellent! Everyone was well educated in their field.
J Lowrey,Livermore    

Dave Elkins is the best. I will continue to buy here for myself and my company. You have earned our loyalty and our friendship.
B Richardson    

Riza was a great salesperson, he worked hard and was not pushy. He knew what we wanted to pay and he went to bat for us. We recently purchased a Mercury from you, so when we wanted another car, we knew where to go. We appreciated everyone there, Thank you!
G Sanderson    

You should be very proud of both of these young men. Thank you very much.
Cathy D    

AJ was great! He was very patient with me and really knew each vehicle. He got me in and out in no time. If I buy another car, I want it to be with you guys - I trusted you from my first phone contact and felt very comfortable in my transaction.
B Roff,Fremont    

Great!. Love the no appointment necessary Quick Lane!
Barrett Smith    

Excellent. I am a long term loyal customer of Fremont Ford for 30 years.
F Homer    

I look forward to continuing my enjoyment with the Edge. Thanks again.
Cynthia G.    

My husband Larry Homem and I purchased a new 2010 fusion last Tuesday night, and picked it up on Wednesday of this week. I believed you should know how professional and amazing your staff is Marvine, Abdule and Aby were just top notched in helping us and explaining all our choices and options. This is not how we have been treated at other dealerships. My husband is the main bread winner, and is the hardest working husband ever. We were put in a position of having to make an hard decision. Larry express to me that my and our children's safety was the priority. We could have gone used, but he wanted me to have something nice, something to be proud of, and American Made.(Larry's a USMC Veteran of Desert Storm). That means the world to me and that he wanted me to be happy and comfortable with our new car. I can true say with my whole heart I am. We reside in Cupertino and my husband is a Keyperson, the Manager of a Ranch in the foothills, he has a massive amount of responsibilities on his head, I'm sure you can relate. I share this with you just so that you know that we could have gone anywhere, and we came all that way because of Marvine, and now we are glad we did because of your caring staff, clean environment, and the most important of all the amount of integrity we were shown.Respectfully Yours,
Janine H    

I wanted to commend two of your staff. I had Dustin Roberts as my salesperson and Marvin Ledesma as Manager, they were both very willing to go above and beyond to make sure that I had a good experience with my visits to Fremont Ford, and they were very certain to be sure that I left happy with the purchase of my new Mustang.

These two individuals are an asset to your dealership and I commend you in your choice of employees.All your employees, past and present, have always treated me fairly and respectfully at your dealership. It seems as though I work in your dealership, as I am a frequent visitor. I purchase most of my parts and use your service department for the maintenance of my cars. I have to stress that because of Kevin and the quality of service he provides, my family will always purchase cars from your dealership. He should be commended for his diligence in ensuring that your customers feel comfortable, happy and treated as professionals in the dealership.This is my second letter to you within the past year to express my complete satisfaction with your service staff that, as stated before, goes beyond to assist your customers. These individuals exemplify Customer Service and encourages loyalty.
Neil H.    

I wanted to thank you for your personal help and assistance with my recent Ford Edge lease-purchase request. I really appreciated your timely communication and feedback. Aby Ferozy finalized the purchase and was also professional, effective and a pleasure to work with. Overall, the entire lease-end experience ended on a very positive note.

I will continue to have my vehicle serviced and maintained at the Fremont dealership. As I mentioned to you in my initial email, you have some great people represented at your dealership. With that said, it strengthens and sustains customer loyalty and satisfaction!

I have to commend Kevin in his customer relationship and recognizing the needs of his customers. This attitude is rarely ever found in your industry and he is one in a million. My dealings with Kevin, over the past years, made me feel very comfortable and his friendly assuring personality is the reason that I will always look towards Fremont Ford for our transportation and service needs.

I have to commend Kevin in his customer relationship and recognizing the needs of his customers. This attitude is rarely ever found in your industry and he is one in a million. My dealings with Kevin, over the past years, made me feel very comfortable and his friendly assuring personality is the reason that I will always look towards Fremont Ford for our transportation and service needs.

I recently had an experience that exemplifies great customer relationship that makes a compelling case for keeping our relationship with Fremont Ford. We have been customers since 1984.

I brought my 2009 Mustang in for an oil change on Monday and your CSR Kevin Percelle advised me that the water pump on the car was leaking. I was completely surprised that the car is less than 2 years but over the 36,000 mile warranty and a vital component was failing. I knew that I had to have it repaired and express some dissatisfaction with Ford. Kevin, in his cool and polite manner told me that he would see what he could do. He checked his system and said, ?Do not worry, it is taken care of?. I felt relieved immediately that he was able to have the pump replaced under warranty. To be honest, quite surprised!

You have a terrific employee in Kevin. Based on my relationship with him, I will always recommend our family and friends to utilize your services. In addition, Steve in the body shop, who repaired my units in the past, is also a very terrific person. Whenever I am in the service department and he sees me, he comes over to say ?Hi? and ask how things are going. He is polite and very friendly and takes the time to greet your customers with a smile.

My salesman had a great personality as well as excelent knowledge of the vehicle, pricing options and a willingness to find the right car for me. He took the right amount of time to familarize me with all of the functions of the new car.

Car problem was fixed quickly and professionally. Asked for a rental car while parts were being delivered and we got a rental car. This is the way car dealerships should be run.

I have to tell you that I've dealt with Kevin Percelle and Michael Ferrer and both are excellent. They don't treat me like I'm a dumb chick with a truck that knows nothing about engines.....they're both very good listeners and don't blow me off. Both are excellent about explaining things to me and always ask me to come back if I have any problems or concerns. I've been to another Ford dealership and they treated me like the ugly step child. I was re-thinking my decision on purchasing a Ford truck since I've always owned Dodge Trucks and have been treated great at all the dealership I took my dodges to...but finally I found Fremont Ford and Kevin and Michael that restored my faith in Fords customer service. I hope that this kind of quality service continues. These 2 guys are a huge asset to the Fremont Ford team......
Justine G.    

The manager Rob was the highlight of the trip there. He was able to calm all of my reservations after I had a horrible experience at Capitol Expressway Ford. Showed my wife and I and car that was almost exactly the one we were looking for. It had a couple extra bells and whistles I wasnt looking for going into this. He was able to work his magic and get my monthly exactly what I wanted to pay per month. The best part of it was that since the experience I had at Fremont Ford was so positive, there was absolutely no buyers remorse the next day. I would buy another car from them in a heart beat.

Very friendly and not pushy. The dealer and finance person did not push any other products on me, which I was concerned about walking in. I tol them what I wanted and what I can afford and they did the rest to accommodate..... BIG THANK YOU TO FREMONT FORD!!

I like the fact that my problem was important to the service department and was addressed to get me out on time to make a trip on time.

Friendly sales staff. Willingness to locate a car if it's not in stock. I appreciate the no-pressure atmosphere. I like being able to test drive the car without anyone else in the car.

The service was great and you guys were able to identify problems that the other dealerships missed. Jacob, my advisor was patient with my five million questions and had very knowledgable answers for me. He made the process go quickly and smoothly. This will be my new dealership for any and all service.