Ford EcoSport Capability Features

The fuel-efficiency and ease of handling are some of the factors that make the Ford EcoSport a popular compact SUV. When stopped on a hill, switching to the gas pedal often causes a vehicle to roll backward. However, the hill start assist technology prevents this from happening. The system engages when the brake pedal is applied on an uphill stop.

The constant stop and go traffic of city driving commonly plays havoc with fuel consumption while adding to air pollution. But, the EcoSport has auto start-stop technology that is designed to save gas while limiting emission levels. When stopped at a red light or rail crossing, the engine automatically turns off. The feature can also be omitted with a simple push of the button on the console. The Ford EcoSport is available with many other comfort, entertainment and safety features. Explore the options by test driving it at Fremont Ford today.

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