An Overview of the Ford Edge's Capability Features

Whether you are transporting kids or hauling cargo, it is important to have the right vehicle for the job. That is exactly why the staff here at Fremont Ford so often directs our customers toward the Ford Edge. This vehicle is, quite simply, filled with all of the capability features that our friends and neighbors could ever need.

For drivers with a large load to carry, the Edge offers the Class II Trailer Tow Package. This feature will allow the vehicle to tow up to 3,500 pounds. Handily, the Edge also offers a Trailer Sway Control system that helps to prevent the trailer from swaying or becoming unstable.

The Edge also offers assistance to drivers when it is tricky to see the road ahead. Its excellent new Bi-LED Headlamps and Fog Lamps make it easy to see the road ahead at all times.



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