How to Maintain Your Differential in Chicago

Most car owners don’t know if their car has something called a differential or whatever it does because the differential is not as common as the radiator or transmission. One of the best ways to explain it is in the case of driving a car around turns. The wheel closer to the turn covers a shorter distance than the wheel on the outer side of the turn.

Even though there are negligible differences at every turn, these variances build up over time and change how your car drives. To compensate for this loss of performance, manufacturers build differentials in cars. In the differential, they put in a fluid to ensure the car balances its optimum function on the differential.

Like any other part of the car, the differential also needs servicing. In most cases, you will be required to change the differential fluid. This normally happens when you’ve covered at least 30,000 miles from your last fluid change.

Get to our service center at Fox Ford Lincoln for more details on maintaining your differential.

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