Tech is Putting the Ford Fiesta Front and Center

Ford has outdone itself with its popular subcompact Fiesta model, so get ready to enjoy the benefits when you drive it off our lot. One reason you should consider a new Ford Fiesta is because of its tech features.

One tech feature we think some people may love is the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities installed in the vehicle. This makes it easier to link your smartphone to the vehicle. This way you can access the voice-command software in the vehicle, and use it to navigate some of the apps on your phone.

Another tech feature we think might surprise you is the Amazon link feature that helps you link your Amazon Alexa to your vehicle. That means all the stuff you do with Alexa can be done from the comfort of your vehicle. You can control connected devices at home, and you can even buy something and have it delivered just like that.

These are just some of the tech features we can't wait to show you when you take a test drive with one of our salespeople. The Fiesta is here, and you know you are ready to ride.



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