Make Parking and Backing Out Easier With the Ford Escape

Do you remember having to prove that you could parallel park when you took your driver's test? Many people never attempt to parallel park in a tight space again because it can be frustrating. But with the technology features on the popular crossover, the Ford Escape, you'll have access to a few features that will make driving easier and safer.

With the enhanced active park assist feature, the vehicle will scan for an appropriate parking space. It will then help guide you into the space so that you don't need to worry about bumping another vehicle. This feature can also help you with straight parking.

And the cross-traffic alert makes getting out of tight spaces easier. If you've ever worried about someone driving behind you as you're backing out a parking space, then you'll love this feature. It visually and audibly alerts you when a vehicle is within 15 yards so that you can apply the brake.



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