Explore the Stylish Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is a world renowned sports car that needs no introduction. This ride's iconic shape and legendary handling are as well known as its hood ornament. Like a true champion, Ford Mustang keeps reinventing itself. Here are two design features we especially love.

The new Ford Mustang sports a convertible cloth top that closes and opens automatically. Raise the top or lower the top as the mood strikes you with a central latch situated conveniently near the driver's seat. Plus, the top folds down and tucks neatly away, never hogging space in its roomy trunk that is large enough to fit a golf bag.

Whether you're cruising through town or commuting out of state for business or pleasure, the Ford Mustang lets you tweak your cabin's atmosphere to suit your preference. Heated or cooled seats as well as dual-zone electronic automatic temperature control keep things crisp or toasty for short runs or long trips. Swing by Fremont Ford today, and try your hand at the Ford Mustang's standout design features.



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