SYNC is the Infotainment system used by Ford in all their vehicles. SYNC 1 and SYNC 2 used four-inch to six-inch screens broken into four units on the screen called quadrants: Navigation, audio, phone, and climate control. These early versions of SYNC ran off a Windows platform and were incredibly slow to react to commands.

The SYNC 3 Infotainment screen divides into three sections called "zones." The left part takes up half the eight-inch screen for navigation that effectively shows directions for traveling inside town or across the country. The upper right is for audio, and the lower right section is for phone access.

The SYNC 3 system is quick and easy to use with extra buttons to access other handy programs. At Fremont Ford, we demonstrate the effectiveness of this new Infotainment system and can upgrade your earlier systems to the SYNC 3 standard.



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