Most pickup trucks are bulky, and they don't accelerate quickly on the road. The Ford F-150 doesn't have these problems because it's a lightweight truck. There are many elements that make the F-150 agile, and most of them have stylish touches that stand out.

The Ford team used military-grade material to construct the F-150's exterior housing. It's has a high-strength aluminum layer that can handle bumps. If the F-150 travels at a low speed and accidentally collides into a lamp pole or some other obstacle, the aluminum alloy won't crush because it's heated treated. The heating procedures that were implemented when the aluminum was enhanced during the manufacturing phase makes the F-150 Ford tough.

At Fremont Ford, you can thoroughly inspect the Ford F-150's exterior design scheme, and you could check out different technologies and design elements in the cabin as well. We serve consumers with test drives.



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