Take Charge by Driving the Ford Super Duty

The best way to succeed in life is by relentlessly moving forward no matter what obstacles you face. Ultimately, this effort encompasses a daunting task, and no one should have to face it on their own; luckily, you can find a powerful ally in the Ford Super Duty, which has been established as one of the leading forces in heavy-duty pick-up truck innovation.

So, how big is your load? If it happens to be under 32,000 pounds, then the fifth-wheel tow apparatus will keep it under control for any distance. The substructure also supports phenomenal gooseneck towing, and the incredible potential is bolstered by a 95% high-steel frame.

Additionally, you get a massive payload. We’re talking 7,850 pounds, and it all fits in the bed. The latest models feature a 350-pound reduction in body weight when compared to their predecessors. Ask Fremont Ford about a test drive to be pleasantly surprised.


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